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Community Outreach


(Sheriff) Larry Montgomery started out as operator for a photography studio/art gallery. In an effort to raise funds for the community, he added outdoor movies that served concessions out of the old Jailhouse. This fundraiser turned into a non-profit they named Jailhouse Industrys - which turned into Leiper's Fork Helping Hands!

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Sheriff Larry takes time out of his personal life to help the cause. He hand-turns vintage forks and makes them into the famous "Leiper's Fork Pickle Fork", and all proceeds go directly to LFHH. These can be purchased at Creekside Trading in Leiper's Fork.


Every year, local musicians come together to put out our Christmas CD - A Leiper's Fork Christmas. All artists donate their time as well as all proceeds to Leiper's Fork Helping Hands. These CDs can be purchased at Creekside Trading in Leiper's Fork.

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Hardship Assistance

 Leiper’s Fork has a number of families that struggle to pay essential bills on occasion.  Our group is open to helping.

Graduation Ceremony
Scholarship Assistance

College and Trade-School Scholarships.  Available fundraising dollars will be gifted to selected teenagers in the area for college and trade school financial needs.

If you are in the area, and you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please fill out the form below:

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